Only Sacs, that leading entrepreneurial facility, could be capable of redefining the sector of maxi RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) to determine a new, inestimable asset. The growing trend towards this type of boat - allied with the immediacy of use and with exciting performance at the extremes of reliability - has driven us to seek ever more innovative solutions aimed at those owners who require distinctive and unique characteristics.



Thus was born Sacs Bespoke Operations (SBO), our specialized division for developing exclusive, custom made, products; a truly one-off experience. From that moment on, it was therefore possible to opt for the Strider range products and develop to the full the aesthetic personalisation processes, driving it towards limits unprecedented in the sector today.


Examples of customizations

Strider 12 Gran Coupé

Lancia di Lancia

The "Lancia di Lancia" is the first real Gran Turismo of the seas, combining style and character from the nautical world and that of automobile design. Its aristocratic elegance does not mask the sporting character which Sacs wished to instil in these predators of the seas. Its shape certainly does not pass unnoticed, yet neither is it invasive and, inspired by the luxurious metropolitan saloons and enriched with LED lighting systems, with an aggressive and coquettish look, it exudes exclusivity and power.

The convertibility, typical of a sports car, with a disappearing electrical hood and clamshell raiseable windscreen, allow for full exploitation of the deck surface while flying between the sea and the sky.

Underneath, in the hull, Sacs has installed a concentration of power and technology, based on the Fiat Powertrain 1120 HP engine. Dinette with table and divans available inside, and which can be transformed into a cabin with berth through simple operations. The whole, as is traditional with Sacs Marine, furnished with the best materials and a fanatic attention to detail.

Strider 10

The Savile Co.

The SBO project starts with the London Coppoletta Designs studio and will offer owners the possibility of developing valued concepts, completely personal, through support and experience as well as technicians and designers able to adapt all ideas and creative stimuli. From the colours of furnishings to the personalisation of the tubes, and to the choice of materials for internal solutions. These days, you have the options of making your Sacs a one-off product, guaranteed by the construction quality produced by the yard. A unique example worldwide, just like the owners who use them.

Strider 12 SR

Powershore Abarth SP

Power and performance, the dominant characteristics and style of winners; this is POWERSHORE ABARTH SP, the Sacs inflatable, designed and planned by the Christian Grande DesignWorks studio with contributions from Christian Centro Stile Fiat.

Excellence in propulsion, with triple 350 HP Yamaha V8 engines for a thrilling acceleration. In the process, the Abarth leadership finds in Sacs undisputed qualities in the production of extremely high-quality inflatables, and in Yamaha their high-performance motors. Rigorous the design of the hydro-dynamic lines, meticulous the choice of materials, detailed the study of the design: Powershore Abarth SP is simply extraordinary, made to experience a racing car on the water without ever forsaking safety and style.

Strider 9

Sacs Abarth Derivazione

Sacs Abarth Derivative is a 9-meter sport-RIB, for those enthusiasts of sporting looks and performance. Equipped with a pair of 250 HP Yamaha outboards, purposefully prepared for this exclusive version, they guarantee a breath-taking performance. The livery reflects the colour scheme of Abarth products and some deck elements share a strong feeling of family with the Powershore, the anatomical driving seats, the encircling passenger couch and the side protection above the tubes, furnish the necessary safety for high speed navigation.

As with the Abarth Powershore version, the project carries the signature of Christian Grande Design Works, who enhance the sporting temperament of the boat with a console displaying an imposing "look". The hull and the layout have been designed for comfort during navigation at any cruising speed, furthermore offering the possibility of reaching exceptional performance when the throttle is opened wide. In order to enjoy maximum habitability, exploiting the whole length of the deck, motors are installed on a special bracket which, furthermore, contributes towards improving the dynamic performance

Strider 8

Jaguar XT8

Is it possible to choose the luxury and sporting appeal of Jaguar for navigating the seas as well? JAGUAR XT8 is an 8-metre vessel capable of offering, always in great safety and with maximum comfort, the emotion of speed on the water, just like all the cars of the Jaguar range.

The colours of the Jaguar brand distinguish the livery of the first nautical tender by the designer Christian Grande, made by Sacs. The refined cockpit, the elegant leatherwork, the treadplates, the dynamic air intakes in steel, the signature at the stern and the mask in front of the console, recall some of the main design characteristics of the Jaguar cars.

With its 8-metre length, Jaguar XT8 offers all that might be desired on board for passing splendid days at sea or on the lake; luxury finishes, great care over the aesthetic details, sunbathing areas, living space, disappearing canopy and bar with fridge, make this a hugely eclectic and comfortable inflatable.

Sacs Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari

What type of boat does a Ferrari owner have? Maybe a yacht, of a large and fast speedboat. Both are an expression of luxury and offer thrills, but not enough to enjoy the sea in all its splendours. To reach shore when the boat is at anchor, or to discover a small deserted bay for the enjoyment of nature, you need a tender.

These three great names have come together to offer the most thrilling product in the world, the "Sacs Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari", unique in style and for its performance, produced in a limited series of only 199 models, in a choice of colours amongst which Racing Red, Modena Yellow, Abu Dhabi Blue and Titanium Grey, just like the Abarth car. It is small enough to be considered as the go-kart of the sea, able to run at 40 knots like a jet ski.

The "Sacs Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari" is powered by a hydro-jet motor which guarantees the maximum possible safety given that the propeller is in a protected tunnel within the hull. The tubes are removable, easy to change when worn or damaged, just as with a car. Once again, the Abarth style has been magnificently reproduced by Sacs in that the details make all the difference.